Biking? What kind?.... every kind! Whether it is Road Race Cycling, Mountain biking, Down Hill or now, yes, also E-Biking - Mayrhofen and surroundings have become a real paradise for bikers in the last few years. The local tourism agencies spent a lot of time and money to offer a network of roads, paths and trails to cyclists - a network of more than 800 kilometers.

Many of the hiking paths are also rideable by a bike, so many mountaineers and hikers makes use of that to shorten their ascend. On some trails you can even reach neighborhood valleys like Wattental or even go to Italy by passing the Pfitscherjoch.

Cable cars, trains and buses transports any bike, so you are able to start or stop your cycling tour anywhere you want.

Newest but not less popular are single trails. It's spectacular to watch these guys racing down hill on these small trails, some of these trails can be found near to the village so easy to go and have a look. Take your time planning your bike trip, whatever your ability on the interactive bike map link.

Click on the interactive links below for all E-bike tours, Road bike and mountain bikes routes and Single tracks trails. You will also find the direct links to the six bike hire shops in Mayrhofen.