Since the 70's it is not only birds that are flying in the air above Mayrhofen. Zillertal has over the years got a reputation as a perfect place for this sport. As hang gliders are not that small, the pilots are required to reach the starting points by car, and this is no problem in Mayrhofen and surrounds with all the winding roads leading to perfect take off points. Since paragliding was invented, Mayrhofen became a must place to visit with the best flight areas, the cable cars taking pilots to their starting point in minutes, and the thermals in the valley are really perfect to ensure long memorable flights, some taking a flight over to Italy as it is only just over the mountains.

Because of the long tradition as a perfect “air base” Mayrhofen offers a very good infrastructure for the pilots. Air Taxis are readily available for hire, which take you to your chosen starting points not reachable by cable car or for those who still fly hang gliders. There are several Paragliding Schools where you can learn how to fly and to understand wind, weather and thermals. For those who are not pilots but want to try a flight, a tandem flight is a perfect way to experience the feeling of flying with one of the experienced pilots. If you choose our Kapelle Blick Apartments as your holiday accomodation, you can learn to fly on our doorstep, with the beginners slope being next door to us, perfect for family and friends to watch from the balcony or garden.

A new trend combining paragliding and hiking (mountaineering) is called “Hike & Fly”. Walking or climbing up a mountain and fly back using special very light weigthed paragliders.