If you prefer skitours, Mayrhofen is a great place to stay. There are endless possibilities in the surrounding mountain Ridges, you will find tours in any length, any difficulty and any level of danger.

There are some areas which offer plenty of rather easy reachable tops, all starting at almost the same place, like Hochfügen or Lanersbach. More strength and experience is necessary if you want to reach the higher regions like those around the mountain village of Ginzling which is 15 minutes from Mayrhofen.

2.000 meters ascend and more, up to almost 3.500m above sea, not for beginners to try alone, but an exclusive experience for those who are fit enough to do it! Some tours require an overnight stop at one of the alpine huts, quite alot of the huts are closed in witner, but there are special rooms open for skitourists.

We recommend to book a Mountain Guide for the more challenging tours.